Barclay Products

Our commitment to quality and performance in our products is a core element of our philosophy.

Acoustic Options

Barclay Engineering manufacture a range of premium acoustic panels to line enclosures to achieve our customers desired noise reduction requirements. We also supply a range of standard 50mm and 100mm acoustic panels that are manufactured with a pre-galvanised sheet steel outer skin and a pre-galvanised perforated sheet steel inner skin. Our standard panel in-fill is 50mm - 100mm thick acoustic mineral wool; other composite in-fill is also used when there is a need for higher acoustic performance.

Exhaust Options

Barclay Engineering manufactures a range of high quality absorptive and reactive mufflers to suit a range of applications. Our entire range of mufflers are fabricated to GL (GermanischerLloyd AG ) certification (ISO 3834 ) standards. GL welding certification is one of the highest, globally recognised welding standards and we are proud to have achieved this level of fabrication quality throughout our range of exhausts.

BSA Series – Spark Arrestor
BIS Series – Industrial
BAS Series – Absorptive
BCS Series – Critical

We also produce two types of exhaust bellows – single and double element, which complement our mufflers and exhaust systems. Their purpose is to absorb the movement in any pipe work that is fixed between two anchors. Single bellows are chiefly used to absorb axial movement, while the double units are more suitable where lateral movement is present.

Air Handling Options

Our range of Aroisio moisture eliminators provide unsurpassed protection against moisture, reducing solids down to 10 micron without inhibiting airflow requirements of the enclosure. This technology is imperative in locations that experience high humidity and rainfall. Sand, dust and debris are also major contributors to equipment failure. Barclay Engineering's unique intertial filters provide an excellent defence against foreign particles entering an enclosure.

Barclay Engineering design and manufacture a range of dampers and acoustic louvres to cater for any specific customer requirement.