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Our commitment to quality and performance in our products is a core element of our philosophy.

Acoustic louvres are used to prevent noise breakout from an air inlet or outlet of a plantroom, building or enclosure whilst allowing ventilation air transfer. They have varying acoustic performance depending on the type of aerodynamically designed blades is used and the depth of the acoustic louvre demanded by the design.

Weather louvers resist the ingress of rain and moisture and are used where noise is not such a concern or is being treated by some other means. They provide weatherproofing and air transfer and can be made from steel, stainless steel or aluminium and then finished in enamel paint, powdercoated or anodised.

Barclay Engineering is an authorized distributor of APS AROSIO. The best constructors in the world use the APS AROSIO system. The level of applied technology, the top quality of the materials used, the wide range of Accessories and prompt service are the features that make the APS AROSIO brand leader in the market of AHU, and why Barclay Engineering contiues to use this system for our Louvres 

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