Barclay Products

Our commitment to quality and performance in our products is a core element of our philosophy.

Our Intertial Filters can be designed to suit most applications and environments, a number of additional options can be included to match a specific customer or site requirement, such as:


Attenuators can be included to meet specific dB levels required for a paticular site


We can taylor the transition section where the intertial filter meets an enclosure / building to suit a customers specification

Inlet Ventilation fan

In some instances customers require additional airflow into an enclosure / building, by including an inlet ventilation fan in the transition, we are able to achieve a customers specific airflow requirements.

Rain Hoods

In environments susceptible to high rainfall, rain hoods can be included to minimise liquid ingress

Increased Filtration

Additional filtration can be included to remove particles below 10um

Inertial Filters Spec Sheet